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A pinched nerve which radiates down the leg(s). Correction is achieved by addressing the lumbar vertebra in the lower spine.


Sometimes the tendons become inflamed for a variety of reasons, and pulling the muscle becomes irritating. If the normal smooth gliding motion of your tendon is impaired, the tendon will become inflamed and movement will become painful. This is called tendonitis, and literally means inflammation of the tendon.

Herniated Disk

Pretend your disk is a jelly donut. Image pressure on the disk (donut). The jelly bulges out and pinches the spinal nerves exiting the spinal canal. Pain can radiate down the arms and or legs. Traction is often my favorite type of care becauase it is safe and effective.


My specialty and most rewarding thing I treat because of how debilitating they are. The success rate is normally very good and most of the time we can curb the pain within days to week.


When the neck is whipped from back to front during a car accident, while playing contact sports such as football, or occasionally from an assault or other physical trauma, a number of things can happen to the spine and surrounding soft tissue. Many people in Pittsburgh have recommended us for tendonitis help!


Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals from your nervous system. 

Shoulder Pain

We don't think much about our shoulders until they start to give us pain. Most people immediately start looking for the best chiropractic care in the Pittsburgh area because they are always using their shoulders to lift and extend their arms, to carry, wave and perform numerous other motions and tasks.

Arm and Leg Numbness

Is a result of vertebra or disks rubbing on spinal nerves. Chiropractic treatment can remove this interference and have you feeling well again.

Carpal Tunnel

The overuse of the hands can pinch nerves in the wrist called carpal bones. Nerves run through the "tunnel" of the bones but sometimes become entrapped and pinched. Numbness can result in the thumb, index, and middle finger. As a Chiropractor I adjust the alignment of the bones of the wrist and take pressure off the nerves.

Auto Injuries

In Pennsylvania your care is 100% covered in most cases. Most people think that their rates will increase however they will not. See our insurance tab to view some providers that can cover your care.

Rotator Cuff

Your shoulders do a lot of important things you might take for granted. They help you get something off a high shelf, comb your hair, or play a game of tennis or catch.It’s a complicated process that your body makes look easy. And your rotator cuff is a big part of that, It protects your shoulder joint and more.

Spine Alignment

Misalignment of vertebra is called spinal subluxations. Chiropractors are specialists in removing spinal subluxations to help relieve tension on spinal nerves.


what others are saying

noah miller
Content Creator, Greensburg PA
Great experience! Dr. Fishman is a talented individual.
100%, would recommend.
Michael goltz
Photographer, Pittsburgh PA
I have never had a doctor actually sit down with me and show me what was going on in my x-rays
of my neck or the MRI's of the neck. Dr. Fishman before he even treated me showed
me what was going on and explained to me where the pain was coming from and
how he was going to treat it. I agree with another rating that says he gives you VIP
treatment! If I could give him 6 stars, I would.
Victoria brady
Entrepreneur, Pittsburgh PA
I've never seen a more effective chiropractor. This doctor puts as much heart into his
business as he does expertise. Not only will you be treated like a VIP, you will have your ailment
diagnosed and treated quickly and effectively.
Ashley lees
Pittsburgh PA
I can't tell you how much I love the amazing treatment, care, love, kindness and friendship I receive from Dr. Fishman and his staff!
As soon as I walked in I was immediately greeted and cared for. God truly has gifted Dr. Fishman with an amazing heart for what he
does and for his clients. I highly recommend you see him and experience the total value that his office brings!
ethan obenreder
Pittsburgh PA
Dr. Fishman has been done a great deal in helping my back and neck problems, and always gives it to me straight
(pun intended).  Very warm personality and easy to work with. Would recommend!
sandy golomb
Pittsburgh PA
I value Dr. Fishman's knowledge of chiropractic care. I've been going to him for years for adjustments. If I have a headache,
I call him immediately and he will see me on the same day for an adjustment AND a massage.
I highly recommend Dr. Fishman!
kesha jackson
Pittsburgh PA
I absolutely love the treatment and atmosphere in this office. Dr Fishman is great to talk to about overall wellness,
health and life. The massage therapist are amazingly and do their best to care for my needs to get back to a healthy norm.
I have encountered nothing but a delightful experience with each visit from all of the staff.
Jennifer ratay
Pittsburgh PA
Amazing experience with Dr. Fishman! My back and shoulders were tight and causing pain.
All better now and I have not felt this great in months!
david bauer
Pittsburgh PA
Amazing experience with Dr. Fishman! My back and shoulders were tight and causing pain.
All better now and I have not felt this great in months!
rebekkah garvin
Pittsburgh PA
I've never seen a more effective chiropractor. This doctor puts as much heart into his
Dr. Fishman is friendly and personable. He is genuinely interested in helping people with
pain relief by addressing the root causes.
Jessica-Zelda Evans
Pittsburgh PA
AMAZING staff! You'll love the people and the relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Dr Fishman does and outstanding job
and the massage you can get is so worth it. Best part is that you don't have to wait long to get it!
I highly recommend this practice!!
zak lees
Pittsburgh PA
This is the only place I want to go to get an adjustment, massage, or any other chiropractic treatment. The service provided here is both filled with quality and excellence; even while still maintaining the friendliest and most personable interactions. I absolutely love Dr. Fishman and everything that his office is about. God has truly blessed me with the best chiropractor in the Burgh!
michael cole
Pittsburgh PA
Dr. Fishman isn't just one of the best chiropractors I have been ever been too, but he is also one of the nicest and funnest people I have met in my life. I have raced dirtbike for 16+ years with multiple injury's and we  does wonders for my back and neck pain. My girlfriend and I really enjoy the entire visit at his office. I would highly recommend his services and will be returning..
Bernard owen
Pittsburgh PA
These PALMER CHIROPRACTIC graduates are the best chiropractors around, and Dr. Fishman has been practicing for a long, long time.  The combination of chiropractic and massage therapy does wonders for my sense of well-being, and this guy GETS IT.  He's got a great upbeat attitude that's really obvious from the minute you meet him, and he obviously "lives the life" when it comes to natural health and wellness.  I highly recommend Dr. Fishman to my friends, and now I'm recommending him to the Google community.
cal lombardo
Pittsburgh PA
Dr. Fishman and his crew are absolutely awesome make you feel welcome explains to you what you
need to do to fix yourself and all the great encouragement that comes with every visit
josh honick
Pittsburgh PA
Always a very relaxing vibe when im being cared for at Fishman Chiropractic. He truly cares about every issue you
put forth, and goes out of his way to meet any needs you may have. I will be a returning customer for a long time to come
Nazli Burkhanova
Pittsburgh PA
Very nice place to go and get some massage Get some good feelings Dr.fishman is the best I had So bad
heaches since last week he helped me alot now i feel Good Thank you so much dr fishman your
the best 🤗🙂he is such nice doctor i have ever been seen
kenta mcdaniel
Pittsburgh PA
This is my first experience with a chiropractor was in a bad car accident. The progress Doc Fishman
is making is incredible in such a short amount of time.
Sean McBride
Pittsburgh PA
I usually don't write reviews but Dr. Fishman has worked wonders.  His technique was explained to me up front.  Following his evaluation, he explained his treatment plan.  I was to come back fairly often over the next couple months.  Costs were involved but hey, insurance isn't what it used to be.  It was tough but I made it work and stuck to his plan.  I am now pain free!  I now only go once a month and feel great.  Thank you Dr. Fishman!
jill toth
Pittsburgh PA
Dr Fishman is wonderful. He is knowledgeable and compassionate.
I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you!!!!
camille esposito
Pittsburgh PA
I feel relieved already with just one adjustment and quick massage! I am looking forward to having the professionals
here help to relieve my pain and correct my problems on my body. Everyone is so very nice and caring.
I feel very comfortable and confident that this doctor was a great chiropractic choice
kenny harris
Pittsburgh PA
The best ever.   I had severe lowback pain and with in 2 visits gone!!!
Bill Sorochman
Pittsburgh PA
If you back hurts after accident give them a call.
Helpful staff and Dr. Fishman does a fantastic job!
They take care of all the red tape and get you back on your feet.
Highly recommended.
michelle la verdia
Pittsburgh PA
He was very kind and always took extra time because I was pregnant
Robin Silvero-Cepikoff
Pittsburgh PA
I would highly recommend Dr Fishman for your chiropractic needs.

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